Run of Faith

A few weeks ago I was on a trail run and I had this idea for a new section for “Coffee w/ Sari”. Most of the time I go run, it’s to get away from all the distractions of life and just go be alone with God. And so the idea for this section came to me, “why not start a section dedicated to runners?”. A devotional for runners with a twist, the goal is to inspire conversations with God. Each post will start with a verse, followed by a simple beginners running plan, and then a prayer for that run. You see what I discovered during my afternoon run is the power of prayer. I was on the last set of my intervals, and I felt like “giving up”, my legs were burning, I could barely breathe, and my arms felt like jello, and then suddenly I had this thought “pray”. Many years ago when I was training for my half-marathon, a sweet friend advised me to dedicate each mile to a prayer, and that is exactly what motivated me to complete my race. Fast forward to 2017, hard breathing, legs can barely lift off the pavement, arms can barely move forward, my mind screaming at me to just stop I had gone far enough, when my eyes saw it…

A tenth of a mile, painted in white on the pavement, indicating how much farther I had to go. So I started to pray. I dedicated each tenth to a friend or cause, and prayed until the next tenth, then I selected another, and so on and so forth until my 3 mile intervals were complete.

And that’s when it came to me, why not create a page for “runners only”?  A page to encourage readers to run, but to run with God, a run of faith.

My prayer is that as people begin to pursue an active hobby such as running, their relationship or connection with God will deepen with each stride. A small part of your day to build up endurance, strength, perseverance, (etc), and pray.

Excited for this new journey! I hope you will join me.

1 Corinthians 6:19



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