Coffee? Why Coffee? The correct response is, “Why not?” 

Blog change. 

I know, I know, I need to settle on one Blog name change and commit to it, but it’s been hard. As you can notice I am quite indecisive but it’s only  because I am very selective. I want the blog name to embody every aspect of my posts, w/ a dash of authenticity, a hint of me, and 3 shots of God. ( See? I am already speaking in coffee lingo. I think I may have a winner here). 

Anwyay, so allow me to explain why “Coffee w/ Sari”. 

Reason 1: I like coffee. 

Reason 2: I enjoy meeting-up friends for coffee and chat about God + life. 

Reason 3: There are many styles and types of coffee. 

Reason 4: There are many different flavors of coffee. 

Reason 5: Most of the time when I am in God’s word there’s a cup of joe in my hand. 

For these five reasons I decided to change the blog name and I honestly believe this one is “The One!”. I believe this name will embody every post on here, some posts are bold an in your face, others are light and pleasant. Some posts you may really enjoy and even revisit. While others may leave an unwelcoming “taste” in your mouth or in this case thoughts. Just like a cup of coffee, sometimes it tastes amazing and other times the flavor just doesn’t quite match your expectation. And just as you would meet up a friend for coffee and chat about life, is what I hope to accomplish and convey through this blog. I hope that you see me as a friend, and every once in a while come visit and then leave refreshed just as you might do if you met up with a friend. 

So that’s it. As always remember you are loved and cherished every single day. 

In Christ’s love, 



No Longer Just Words


It feels so amazing to be able to read the phrase “it is well with my soul” and feel every word echo through my body!  

“It is well with my soul” 

(No  longer just words…)

 The phrase  now holds a depth and rawness, that will forever be written over my heart. Tonight, I finally let go. I am stepping forward and with each stride leaving the past behind. Each step brings me  closer to the beautiful sunrise of tomorrow. 

Remember: God’s mercies are new every morning (Lamentations 3). 

In His love,