“Home sweet home, there is no place like home”

There has been one time I ever felt homesick. I was on my first long term mission trip in beautiful Colorado. It was on a Wednesday evening because my home church tended to have a college ministry night on Wednesdays. I was really down that night and really missed my church family, so since we had a free night I stayed in my room and e-mailed my friend Laura. Well today I had that same feeling, I missed home and all I wanted was to be home.

Here’s the interesting part, I am home. I have been living in my hometown for quite a few years, so what home could I be referring to? Surely, I don’t mean my physical home. Eight hours away from my apartment would not lead to homesickness, so what home could it be? Well that’s easy, I mean God.

Tonight, I had dinner with some of my beloveds and we got into the conversations about God, living out your faith, and missions. I felt so comfortable. Afterwards I had coffee with one of my beloveds and had a small chat about what God has been doing in our lives. Once we parted ways, I noticed two things:

  1. I felt so empowered
  2. “I have really missed this”

I missed talking about God, missions, and discussing the idea of one day living in the 10/40 window. I missed being reminded of God’s will and sovereignty, of God’s purpose and love for the world. And then God interrupted my thoughts, “Why do you miss this? Why do you miss something that is right in front of you? You can have all this and more when you meet with me through the Word”. My response was, “God how did I ever get this far away from you? When did I start walking away from you?”. This may come as a shocker since every blog post up to this point is centered around God, but it’s true. I stopped reading the Bible for myself for some weeks now. I have been reading it for my Bible studies, at church, and along with my Beth Moore book. But I haven’t read it for myself for quite some time until this morning.

I started reading the book of Nehemiah and got through  three chapters this morning. Then I revisited chapter one on my lunch break, and I am about to re-visit chapter two before I go to sleep. But before I decided this God faced me with this beautiful truth: I miss meeting with Him through His word. I have been away from the Father and haven’t had quality time with Him in a while. I’ve been homesick. I have been missing my home: the one place where I feel safe and at rest. The home of my God. He is my home to me, where He is my home will be there too.

God is stirring up a lot in my heart, mind, and soul, and I have realized something… Just because He shows us our macro purpose doesn’t mean it will take place right now. Just like a hike up a mountain, so is our journey with God. He may be showing us the mountain’s peak but that’s the end goal. That’s the finish line, our inspiration and motivation, first comes the hike. We have to take steps and climb towards the peak. The peak is our destination the rest is part of the journey.

If God has shown you your mountain’s peak, I encourage you to not lose your focus. Keep your eyes on the prize but enjoy every moment of the experience.

“God is my home, and where He is, so is my home”.

In His love,



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